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In order to ensure the highest level of passenger security and comfort, we provide EN 45545 compliant seals for train structures and interiors.

These advanced seals protect against fire, smoke, vibration, and sound.

Rail Seals

Fire Resistant Seals for Rail Applications

For the highest passenger security and comfort, Saint-Gobain designs and manufactures custom fire-resistant silicone seals that comply with EN45545-2 HL2 and HL3 standards. Several rail applications are available including HVAC, lighting gaskets, doors, window gaskets, floor panels, ducting gaskets and panels to optimize your product performances.

Saint-Gobain is a leading manufacturer of high-performance seals for rail system and rail transport applications. Our sealing products are used extensively in high-speed trains, trams and subways. 

All of our rail seals are available in standard coils, cut-to-length, junction, anti-elongation strips, low friction coatings, metal inserts and self-adhesive strips. The molded and extruded seals we co-develop and produce demonstrate exceptional compression set characteristics and are fully compliant with all applicable industry performance regulations.

Our engineers possess extensive material knowledge, and we’ll work directly with you to design custom rail seals that meet your exact requirements. Apart from product development, Saint-Gobain also assists our customers with product testing and certification documentation.


HVAC Seals

HVAC provides smooth air circulation and temperature control within trains to ensure passengers' comfort. Silicone seals have high durability and temperature resistance, which are suitable for this function with a high level of vibrations encountered by external conditions.

Lighting Gaskets

Environmental and water resistance temperature resistance are the distinctive properties of silicone seals over other materials. These make our custom-designed products are the superior choice in lighting gaskets.

Door Seals

Complex part design is our expertise. Our engineers work closely with clients to deliver precise design to frictionless installation to ensure none of the leaked air in wagons.

Window Gaskets

We are capable of designing different shapes, sizes of window gaskets to suit your specifications and meet industry standards.

Floor Panels

We offer a variety of colors of durable floor profiles for train wagons. Select the colors that suit your project from our catalog.

Ducting Gaskets

We offer widths, thicknesses customizable seals with liquid and heat-resistant while minimal maintenance is needed for this application.

Panel Seals

We offer various options for your selections from one of our 50 colors and our custom designs to better fit your cabin's aesthetics.

Covison® Rail Seals

Covison® Rail Seals

PDF | 4 pages | 1.88 MB
Silicone Compound 9764 for the Rail Industry

Silicone compound 9764 - midnight blue color and 60 Shore A for rail clients

PDF | 1 page | 19.13 KB
Silicone Compound 9774ED for the Rail Industry

Silicone compound 9774ED - midnight blue color, 70 Shore A, and EN 45545 compliant for rail clients

PDF | 1 page | 19.28 KB
Silicone Compound 9874CED for the Rail Industry

Silicone compound 9874CED - black color and 70 Shore A for rail clients

PDF | 1 page | 19.15 KB
Silicone Compound 9874FED for the Rail Industry

Silicone compound 9874FED - black color and 70 Shore A for rail clients

PDF | 1 page | 18.98 KB
Silicone Compound 5879P for Electrical Conductivity with Platinum Curing

Silicone compound 5879P with platinum curing - black color, 70 Shore A, and electrical conductivity for all industries

PDF | 1 page | 19.13 KB

Did You Know?


Apart from product development, Saint-Gobain also assists our customers with product testing and certification documentation by leveraging our international laboratory networks.

Silicone Recycling

The last few years, we have been partnering with expertise around the globe in silicone recycling to extract silicone oil to reuse in other industries.

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