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Complex Design Seals for Industrial Applications

As a result of our long-lasting experience, Saint-Gobain is an expert in complex design silicone seals for many critical applications in industrial, electronic, energy, telecommunications, and many other industries. Together with clients, we develop the specific shapes and formulations with excellent mechanical properties that best suit your business requirements.

Saint-Gobain is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial seals with complex designs to enhance your products' performances. We provide best-in-class products and services for various industries, such as consumer products, electronics, energy, telecommunication and more.

Our engineers possess extensive material knowledge, and we’ll work directly with you to design custom seals that meet your exact specifications. All of our industrial seals come ready to use and demonstrate excellent mechanical properties, making them highly durable and long lasting.

Covison® Foam Solutions

Covison® high temperature foam 3746 for battery, lighting, electronic boxes and other applications brochure

PDF | 2 pages | 372.84 KB
Silicone Compound 5435 for the Industrial and Other Industries

Silicone compound 5435 - red color and 35 Shore A for the industrial and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.79 KB
Silicone Compound 9860 for the Industrial and Other Industries

Silicone compound 9860 - black color and 60 Shore A for the industrial and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 20.05 KB
Silicone Compound 9159F for the Industrial and Other Industries

Silicone compound 9159F - transparent color and 50 Shore A for clients in the industrial and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.83 KB
Silicone Compound 5869 for Electrical Conductivity with Platinum Curing

Silicone compound 5869 with platinum curing- black color, 60 Shore A, and electrical conductivity for all industries

PDF | 1 page | 19.12 KB
Silicone Compound 9620 with Low Hardness

Silicone compound 9620 - black color,20 Shore A, and low hardness for all industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.78 KB
Did You Know?

Apart from product development, Saint-Gobain also assists our customers with product testing and certification documentation by leveraging our international laboratory networks.

Silicone Recycling

The last few years, we have been partnering with expertise around the globe in silicone recycling to extract silicone oil to reuse in other industries.

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