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For the highest security of consumers, Saint-Gobain co-develops with clients for high-temperature silicone seals that can withstand +300°C and meet US and EU food contact material standards, such as FDA and BfR. The high-performance seals are customizable with chemical resistance and long life span.

Saint-Gobain is a leading manufacturer of both standard and custom Covison® high-temperature silicone oven door seals for the food processing industry, including advanced solid gaskets and silicone sponge for cooking, baking, combi steam oven and autoclave applications.

Our extruded and molded oven door gaskets have exceptional mechanical properties and are compliant with food contact materials regulations in the United States and the European Union, including the most demanding FDA and BfR regulations to ensure the highest security for consumers. We co-develop with clients the most efficient and performance-oriented shapes of gaskets that minimize your products' maintenance requirements. Our engineers possess extensive material knowledge, and we’ll work directly with you to design custom oven door seals that meet your exact specifications.

Covison® Oven & Autoclave Seals

Covison® oven and autoclave seals brochure

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Silicone Compound 9550ED for the Oven Industry

Silicone compound 9550ED - blue color and 50 Shore A for oven and autoclave clients

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Silicone Compound 9650ED for the Oven Industry

Silicone compound 9650ED - grey color and 50 Shore A for oven and autoclave clients

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Silicone Compound 9651JED for the Oven Industry

Silicone compound 9651JED- charcoal grey color and 60 Shore A for oven and autoclave clients

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Silicone Compound 3746 in Foam

Silicone compound 3746 - blue color, 0.4 Shore A, fire resistant for the non-residential construction and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.81 KB
Silicone Compound 5879P for Electrical Conductivity with Platinum Curing

Silicone compound 5879P with platinum curing - black color, 70 Shore A, and electrical conductivity for all industries

PDF | 1 page | 19.13 KB

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Apart from product development, Saint-Gobain also assists our customers with product testing and certification documentation by leveraging our international laboratory networks.

Silicone Recycling

The last few years, we have been partnering with expertise around the globe in silicone recycling to extract silicone oil to reuse in other industries.

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