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Saint-Gobain manufactures and supplies high-performance peristaltic pump tubing and fluid transfer systems delivery tubing for cleaning chemical dispensing applications. 

In the world of chemical dispensing, the most commonly used equipment is an electronic chemical dispenser with a peristaltic pump, which dispenses a specific dosage of chemicals to a variety of cleaning equipment. Depending on the number of chemicals used, a single or a multiple chemical dispenser system is installed. In this cleaning process, chemicals are transferred from a storage tank to the peristaltic pump through chemical transfer tubing. The chemicals are then precisely dispensed through a piece of peristaltic pump tubing inside the pump and a designed dosage is accurately and consistently delivered through fluid handling delivery tubing to the cleaning equipment.

Each stage of the process requires specific tubing to handle challenging and demanding performance requirements, such as consistent flow stability, superior chemical resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, higher pressure rating and longer service life.

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