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Saint-Gobain offers autoanalysis tubing (TAAT) for laboratory fluid analysis. TAAT is special application, microbore diameter tubing used in AutoAnalyzer instrumentation, ICP peristaltic pumps, and a variety of flow analysis methods (segmented flow, flow injection, continuous flow, and flow batch). 

Saint-Gobain has manufactured 2-stop and 3-stop TAAT tubing for over a half-century and pioneered the development of application-specific formulations with broad chemical resistance for laboratory, environmental, clinical and industrial automated fluid sample analysis. Major equipment and micro pump manufacturers depend on Saint-Gobain's extensive knowledge of this specialized tubing for OEM instruments, while scientists depend on TAAT tubing to deliver reproducible results.

For more information regarding 2-stop and 3-stop peristaltic pump tubing, view our Tygon® Microbore Autoanalysis Tubing Datasheet >>

Product Characteristics

Long Peristaltic Pump Life Tygon LMT-55
Tygon 3350
Tygon E-LFL
PharMed BPT
Acid Resistance Tygon E-3603
Tygon LMT-55
Versilon F-5500-A
PharMed BPT
Solvent Resistance  Tygon E-LFL
Tygon LMT-55
Versilon F-5500-A
Tygon F-4040-A
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