Versilon™ E-70-V-CE

Food and Beverage Transfer Tubing

Versilon™ E-70-V-CE tubing from Saint-Gobain is specifically formulated to transfer water and beverages without imparting any plastic taste. It features a smooth, plasticizer-free, hydrophobic inner surface to help maintain fluid purity, and it meets FDA requirements for food contact. This product is exceptionally durable and flexible, and its clarity allows for easy flow monitoring. This tubing can easily bend around tight corners for easy installation and its special construction will ensure a long life, reducing the need for constant replacements. It can be produced in a variety of colors, hardnesses, sizes, and lengths.

Features & Benefits

  • Plasticizer-free fluid pathway
  • No taste
  • Smooth inner surface
  • Extremely low absorption rate
  • Custom colors, sizes, and lengths
  • High clarity
  • Hydrophobic inner surface reduces taste transfer

Typical Applications

  • Water transfer
  • Food & beverage transfer
  • Food & beverage dispensing

Physical Properties

Durometer Hardness Shore A (Shore D) 72
Tensile Strength Psi (Mpa) 2300 (15.8)
Ultimate Elongation 240
Specific Gravity 1.2
Minimum Recommended Operating Temp °F (°C) -47 (-44)
Maximum Recommended Operating Temp °F (°C) 160 (71)
Brittleness by Impact Temp °F (°C) -47 (-44)


  • Food & Beverage Dispensing
  • FDA
  • NSF-51

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