Tygon® C2-55-C

Chemical Dispensing Tubing

Tygon® C2-55-C tubing from Saint-Gobain is a custom product with a highly engineered jacket. It is resistant to chemicals and does not inhibit the softness required for most chemical dispensing pumps. Tygon® C2-55-C is designed specifically for superior flow rate stability. This reduces the number of visits a service technician would need to calibrate and repair field units.

Features & Benefits

  • Patent pending formulation designed specifically to increase flow rate stability
  • A specialty formulation tubing liner softens the product and decreases wear during pump use while still providing superior chemical resistance

Typical Applications

  • Laundry
  • Warewashing
  • Institutional cleaning
  • Chemical transfer


Physical Properties

Durometer Hardness Shore A (Shore D) 58
Tensile Strength Psi (Mpa) 530 (3.7)
Ultimate Elongation 420
Specific Gravity 0.99
Compression Set Constant Deflection 33
Maximum Recommended Operating Temp °F (°C) 180 (82)


  • Cleaning Chemicals
Peristaltic Pump Yes

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