Versilon™ TR-1055

High-Performance Chemical Dispensing Tubing

Specially formulated for peristaltic pump applications, Versilon™ TR-1055 tubing from Saint-Gobain resists cracking due to its flexibility and unique chemical resistance properties. Providing the ability to withstand repeated flexing and bending while maintaining flow rate stability over the lifetime of the product makes Versilon™ TR-1055 a unique offering within the Saint-Gobain portfolio. Additionally, its black color makes it a good choice for transfer of light sensitive fluids.

Engineered for excellent performance and on-the-job reliability, Versilon™ TR-1055 allows customers to use one product for a wide range of peristaltic pumping applications without the use of multiple tubings.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemically resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent flexural fatigue resistance
  • UV light resistant

Typical Applications

  • Laundry and warewash chemical dispensing
  • Abrasive and viscous slurry transfer
  • Soap and disinfectant dispensing
  • Caustic chemical dispensing
  • Instrument control lines
  • Ozone
  • Brake fluid
  • Peristaltic pumping
  • Process monitoring equipment

Physical Properties

Durometer Hardness Shore A (Shore D) 55
Tensile Strength Psi (Mpa) 1500 (10.3)
Ultimate Elongation 650
Specific Gravity 1.11
Maximum Recommended Operating Temp °F (°C) 250 (121)


  • Cleaning Chemicals
Peristaltic Pump Yes

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