Versilon™ SPT-70 FB IB

Reinforced Silicone Food & Beverage Tubing

Versilon™ SPT-70 FB IB from Saint-Gobain is a platinum-cured silicone tubing designed specifically for food and beverage dispensing applications. Designed for contact with food, all layers of this tubing are compliant with FDA, EU, and GB food contact regulations.*

This reinforced tubing imparts essentially no taste or odors to the transferred fluids. Its smooth inner surface reduces the risk of particle entrapment and inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth; cleaning and sterilization cycles become more effective as a result. Versilon™ SPT-70 FB IB tubing can easily withstand repeated SIP and CIP cleaning and sterilization cycles, making it ideal for repeat-use applications. Its flexibility, durability, and chemical and temperature resistance provide a unique combination of characteristics required in many food and beverage applications.

Low Extractables

Versilon™ SPT-70 FB IB silicone tubing is manufactured with a platinum curing process designed to meet the most demanding requirements of food and beverage sanitary standards. Third-party extractability tests have shown that Versilon™ SPT-70 FB IB tubing has a low extractable content which helps maintain the integrity of the transported food and beverage media.*

*Use restrictions and limitations may apply

Features & Benefits

  • All layers compliant with FDA, EU and GB food contact regulations*
  • Consistently smooth inner surface limits particle entrapment
  • Platinum cured to minimize extractables
  • Tough braid reinforcement permits use under elevated working pressures
  • Withstands repeated CIP and SIP cleaning and sterilization

*Use restrictions and limitations may apply


Inner Diameter in (mm) Outer Diameter in (mm) Wall Thickness in (mm) Minimum Bend Radius in (mm) Maximum Working Pressure Psi (Bar) Vacuum Rating inHg (mmHg)
0.188 (4.8) 0.443 (11.3) 0.128 (3.3) 0.5 (13) 130 (9) 29.9 (760)
0.25 (6.4) 0.515 (13.1) 0.133 (3.4) 0.75 (19) 110 (7.6) 29.9 (760)
0.375 (9.5) 0.687 (17.4) 0.156 (4) 1 (25) 135 (9.3) 29.9 (760)
0.5 (12.7) 0.847 (21.5) 0.174 (4.4) 1 (25) 125 (8.6) 29.9 (760)

Physical Properties

Durometer Hardness Shore A (Shore D) 74
Tensile Strength Psi (Mpa) 1300 (9)
Ultimate Elongation 550
Tear Resistance, Ib-f/in (kN/m) 158 (27.7)
Specific Gravity 1.2
Water Absorption 0.09
Compression Set Constant Deflection 5
Maximum Recommended Operating Temp °F (°C) 320 (160)
Brittleness by Impact Temp °F (°C) -112 (-80)
Low Temp Flexibility °F (°C) -103 (-75)


  • Food & Beverage Dispensing
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
  • EU Food Contact Compliant
  • China GB
  • NSF-51
Peristaltic Pump No

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