Tygon® XLCOMP 60 IB

High Performance Tubing for Resin Injection and Transfer Molding for Composites Parts

Tygon® XLCOMP 60 IB from Saint-Gobain is designed to meet the severe and demanding composites manufacturing field and handle resin media. To increase final part quality, production-efficiency, and velocity of those processes, the technical requirements for resin injection (RTM) or infusion are increasingly becoming the key-parameters for the OEM. To assure proper resin transfer, Tygon® XLCOMP 60 IB tubing is designed to withstand high temperatures up to 200°C and injection pressure up to 8,5 bars. Made of silicone material and approved by aircraft manufacturers, this specific formulation is ideal for resin conveyance.

Features & Benefits

  • High temperature resistance
  • High pressure resistance
  • Compatible with injection resin (RTM6 in particular)
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Designed specifically for resin injection
  • Smooth inner bore
  • Transparent
  • Excellent bend radius

Physical Properties

Maximum Recommended Operating Temp °F (°C) 392 (200)

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