Versilon™ HP PFA Coax

High Purity, Flexible Tubing for Semiconductor Applications

Versilon™ HP PFA Coax chemical transfer tubing from Saint-Gobain is made of high-purity PFA for unparalleled protection against media contamination, while the secondary containment tube is constructed from virgin FEP for the ultimate in chemical resistance. This tubing is designed to help customers save significant time while installing dual containment systems, providing value-added savings while enhancing safety. It is ideal for use in the semiconductor industry or other applications requiring high purity, superior chemical resistance and premium safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-destructive/non-contaminating laser scribing for positive identification of size, material and 100% lot traceability
  • Custom laser scribing available (for identifying chemicals/process media, tool number, OEM's name/private label, etc.)
  • 100% virgin high-purity PFA resin for inner tube
  • Heat stabilized during extrusion for broadest service temperature range
  • Tube ends capped to prevent inner diameter contamination
  • Optional ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing environment
  • “Clean-Pak” packaging available

Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor industry

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Versilon™ HP PFA Coax Datasheet
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Versilon™ HP PFA Coax Datasheet