Versilon™ HP PFA 400

Flexible, PFA Tubing for Semiconductor Industry

Versilon™ HP PFA 400 chemical transfer tubing from Saint-Gobain is specifically designed to be flexible and used with the harshest chemicals while offering an excellent level of purity. It features a superior smooth surface inner bore, which provides excellent non-wettability, batch-to-batch clean-out and purging properties. This tubing is ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, or other applications requiring high purity and/or superior chemical resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-destructive/non-contaminating laser scribing for positive identification of size, material and 100% lot traceability
  • 100% virgin high-purity PFA resin ? Specific material grade available
  • Custom laser scribing available (for identifying chemicals/process media, tool number, OEM’s name/private label, etc.)
  • Optional ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing environment
  • Tube ends capped to prevent ID contamination
  • “Clean-Pak” packaging available

Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor industry

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