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10,000+ Profiles for Non-Residential Construction

Saint-Gobain co-develop with clients for highly-durable and weather resistant silicone profiles to suit your renovation or new-construction projects. Our 100% custom seal profiles are varied in terms of colors, shapes, sizes or specific properties. Several applications are available such as building facades, roofs, doors or windows. 

About Tygon®

Recognized as an integral and critical component of fluid management solutions, Saint-Gobain’s Tygon® tubing delivers premium performance and consistency across numerous applications. It is offered in a broad range of products and polymer materials, each engineered to meet specific user needs. 

Chemical Dispensing Tubing for End Users | Tygon® Chemical

Even though a piece of tubing is only a very small component of a cleaning dispensing system, it is a critical part. Learn more about Tygon® Chemical in this video.

Chemical Dispensing Tubing for OEMs | Tygon® Chemical

Using the right tubing material is vital to ensure high-quality cleaning performance. Learn more about Tygon® Chemical in this video.

Complex Design Seals for Industrial Applications

As a result of our long-lasting experience, Saint-Gobain is an expert in complex design silicone seals for many critical applications in industrial, electronic, energy, telecommunications, and many other industries. Together with clients, we develop the specific shapes and formulations with excellent mechanical properties that best suit your business requirements.

Composite Manufacturing Assistance for Your Projects

Saint-Gobain provides composite manufacturing assistance to your business using a variety of fabrics including glass, ceramics, polyester and aramid fiber. Product samples are tubes, cords or special seals with many excellent properties such as fire-resistance, chemical resistance or electrical properties. 

Critical Tubing: The MadCap Brewery Story

Hear how Saint-Gobain's sensory team helped an Ohio brewery improve their tubing formulations and why it makes such a difference to the flavor.

Environmental Fluid Sampling & Analysis Tubing | Tygon® & Versilon™

Saint-Gobain offers tubing for water sampling and analysis applications to ensure accurate and repeatable dosing while maintaining sample integrity.

Equflow: About Us

Equflow® has perfected the flow measurement of liquids. In ten years, they have thus developed their invention into commercial solutions for various applications in which flow measurement and control is crucial.

Equflow® Flowmeters – Beverages & Spirits Industry

Equflow® develops and produces flowmeters for flow and volume control in the beverages and spirits industry.