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10,000+ Profiles for Non-Residential Construction

Saint-Gobain co-develop with clients for highly-durable and weather resistant silicone profiles to suit your renovation or new-construction projects. Our 100% custom seal profiles are varied in terms of colors, shapes, sizes or specific properties. Several applications are available such as building facades, roofs, doors or windows. 

Complex Design Seals for Industrial Applications

As a result of our long-lasting experience, Saint-Gobain is an expert in complex design silicone seals for many critical applications in industrial, electronic, energy, telecommunications, and many other industries. Together with clients, we develop the specific shapes and formulations with excellent mechanical properties that best suit your business requirements.

Composite Manufacturing Assistance for Your Projects

Saint-Gobain provides composite manufacturing assistance to your business using a variety of fabrics including glass, ceramics, polyester and aramid fiber. Product samples are tubes, cords or special seals with many excellent properties such as fire-resistance, chemical resistance or electrical properties. 

Fire Resistant Seals for Rail Applications

For the highest passenger security and comfort, Saint-Gobain designs and manufactures custom fire-resistant silicone seals that comply with EN45545-2 HL2 and HL3 standards. Several rail applications are available including HVAC, lighting gaskets, doors, window gaskets, floor panels, ducting gaskets and panels to optimize your product performances.

High-Temperature Oven Door Silicone Gaskets

For the highest security of consumers, Saint-Gobain co-develops with clients for high-temperature silicone seals that can withstand +300°C and meet US and EU food contact material standards, such as FDA and BfR. The high-performance seals are customizable with chemical resistance and long life span.

Watertight Silicone Seals for Outdoor Light Fixtures

A leading in watertight and highly-durable silicone seals for non-residential outdoor light fixtures, Saint-Gobain develops high-performance silicone seals that meet high IP and IK ratings. These seals meet IP65, IP66, IK07, IK08, IK09, and IK10. Furthermore, fire and smoke-specific formulations are available for channel lighting.