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Covison® Compound Solutions for Composite Manufacturing Assistance

Covison® low compression set compound S60V54B brochure with excellent temperature resistance and compression set

PDF | 2 pages | 629.8 KB
Covison® Foam Solutions

Covison® high temperature foam 3746 for battery, lighting, electronic boxes and other applications brochure

PDF | 2 pages | 372.84 KB
Covison® Lighting Seals

Covison® lighting seals brochure

PDF | 4 pages | 1.52 MB
Covison® Non-Residential Construction Seals

Covison® non-residential construction seals brochure

PDF | 6 pages | 4.7 MB
Covison® Oven & Autoclave Seals

Covison® oven and autoclave seals brochure

PDF | 4 pages | 1.34 MB
Covison® Rail Seals

Covison® Rail Seals

PDF | 4 pages | 1.88 MB
Silicone Compound 3203 in Foam

Silicone compound 3203 - white color and 0.4 Shore A for the non-residential construction and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.82 KB
Silicone Compound 3746 in Foam

Silicone compound 3746 - blue color, 0.4 Shore A, fire resistant for the non-residential construction and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.81 KB
Silicone Compound 5062 for the Non-Residential Construction Industry

Silicone 5062 - white color and 60 Shore A for non-residential construction clients

PDF | 1 page | 18.79 KB
Silicone Compound 5435 for the Industrial and Other Industries

Silicone compound 5435 - red color and 35 Shore A for the industrial and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 18.79 KB
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