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Peristaltic pumps are often used in water sampling in order to prevent cross-contamination during both the sampling and analysis process. Tubing within the pump has the potential to impact the characteristics of the water and could even affect the chemical composition of the sample and lead to inaccurate test results. Therefore, to uphold the integrity of the sample, pumps are required to meet a rigid set of performance standards, including: repeatable pump control for accurate dosing, high suction lift, high flexural fatigue strength and chemical resistance. For OEMs that develop water sampling and analysis instruments, selecting the appropriate tubing solution is an essential component in meeting these criteria.

Saint-Gobain’s flexible tubing solutions are specifically engineered for accurate, reliable performance in water sampling applications. Tygon® SPT-60 L water sampling tubing was developed for accurate dosing in peristaltic pumps. With its exceptional dimensional stability and surface smoothness, Tygon® SPT-60 L, a platinum-cured silicone tubing, enables peristaltic pumps to have a suction capability of up to 29 feet (8.839 m), eliminating the need for priming while providing added flexibility during installation.

Product Characteristics

Long Peristaltic Pump LifeTygon SPT-60LTygon A-60-G
Chemical InertnessTygon SPT-60L
Tygon A-60-G
Versilon FEP
Versilon PFA
Versilon PTFE
Versilon SE-200
Versilon Duality
Accurate and Repeatable DosingTygon A-60-GTygon SPT-60L
Chemical ResistanceTygon SPT-60LTygon A-60-G
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