Versilon™ Cam & Groove Female, Style 16T

Versilon™ Cam & Groove Female, Style 16T from Saint-Gobain features a female cam and groove “D” type, swivel style and is Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated. It has a full swivel design on the coupler-half and allows positioning for easy leverage advantage to seal cam arms. It also has a positive lock to the hose and the fitting design prevents pull-offs by incorporating the dog-lock groove.

• Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated with stainless steel base
• Coupler is cast 316 stainless steel; insert is Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated with stainless steel base
• Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated sealing gasket
• Chemfluor® PFA over silicone

Technical Data
• Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated designs will convey almost any material as corrosion-free
• Chemfluor PFA encapsulated sealing gasket provides resilient seal with no exposed elastomers
• Full complement of Chemfluor® fluoropolymer encapsulated adapters available
• Recommended operating conditions:
     • 3/4" - 2" — 250 MAWP (psi)
     • 2-1/2" and 3" — 150 MAWP (psi)
     • 212°F with Buna N gaskets
     • 400°F with Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated gaskets
• Pressure ratings are for fittings only. When determining hose assembly maximum allowable working pressure, hose pressure ratings at temperature must be considered. Use the lower of the two ratings as the hose assembly MAWP.
• Locking style available; replace TKS with TLKS


Inner Diameter in (mm)
0.5 (12.7)
0.66 (16.76)
1.15 (29.21)
1.58 (40.13)
2.1 (53.34)
2.5 (63.5)


  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • MIL-C-27487
Peristaltic Pump No

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