Versilon™ TWOP

Unbraided Helically Convoluted Inner Tube Fluoropolymer Hose

Versilon™ TWOP hose from Saint-Gobain is constructed with a PTFE convoluted inner tube and has no braid reinforcement. The convoluted inner tube has open pitch helical convolutions to ensure smooth product flow and is extremely flexible. Versilon™ TWOP hose's inner tube has a non-stick surface and cleans easily with steam, caustics, solvents or other cleaning agents.

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Features & Benefits

  • Can be clamped to sanitary tubing or pipe
  • Cuff lengths can be varied to meet customer requirements
  • Can be supplied with permanently attached fittings
  • Extremely flexible
  • Kink resistant

Typical Applications

  • Sanitary transfer
  • Food, flavors, and syrups
  • Solvent transfer
  • Drain and sample lines
  • Semi-transparent sight gauges
  • Ideal for drain lines

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