Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Hose Support

HoseGard™ hose support from Saint-Gobain features a hard, smooth finish, and is constructed of corrosion and chemical resistant HDPE material. Its durable construction resists damage from abrasive or corrosive environments and reduces wear by elevating the hose and hose ends from the ground. This results in longer service life and cost savings compared to purchasing replacement hoses.

Production, service, loading, and unloading areas can be harsh environments for transfer hoses, where abrasive pavement and sharp gravel can damage your hose or hose ends. HoseGard™ protects your investment by taking the beating while your hose ends stay off the ground, ensuring a clean tight connection every time.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to elevate the hose to keep it clean and reduce wear and tear
  • Protects hose to increase hose service life
  • Two-piece design for easy installation
  • Stays in place and slides across the floor for easy handling
  • Built-in handle for more ergonomic movement and placement
  • Robust construction resists damage
  • Bright blue or yellow colors for high visibility
  • Patented design (Patent number D724705)

Typical Applications

  • Food & beverage
  • Dairy
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal hygiene
  • Chemical transfer
  • Solvent transfer
  • CO2 transfer


  • Raw Milk Collection
  • Food & Beverage Dispensing

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