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About Tygon®

Recognized as an integral and critical component of fluid management solutions, Saint-Gobain’s Tygon® tubing delivers premium performance and consistency across numerous applications. It is offered in a broad range of products and polymer materials, each engineered to meet specific user needs. 

Chemical Dispensing Tubing for End Users | Tygon® Chemical

Even though a piece of tubing is only a very small component of a cleaning dispensing system, it is a critical part. Learn more about Tygon® Chemical in this video.

Chemical Dispensing Tubing for OEMs | Tygon® Chemical

Using the right tubing material is vital to ensure high-quality cleaning performance. Learn more about Tygon® Chemical in this video.

Food and Beverage Tubing | Tygon® and Tygon S3™

Saint-Gobain Process Systems is a global co-development partner that combines materials and global regulatory expertise.

High Pressure Cleaning Chemical Delivery Tubing | Tygon® 2375-C IB

Tygon® 2375-C I.B. high pressure tubing offers superior chemical resistance, outstanding flexibility and is environmentally friendly. This new product has ultra-chemical resistance, which minimizes fluid alteration and loss, and offers flexibility without the use of plasticizers. Learn more in this video.

Milk Transfer Tubing | Tygon S3™ M-34-R

Saint-Gobain’s Tygon S3™ M-34 R tubing for raw milk transfer is flexible yet retains elasticity and can be installed easily around stanchions and milk handling equipment. Learn more in this video.

Our Capabilities

Saint-Gobain provides expert solutions in fluid transfer as well as world-class service and technical support across a range of products with unparalleled customization capabilities on orders large or small at locations across the globe.